Unlock a New Paradigm of Business Leadership

Welcome to a Transformative Journey where philosophy meets practicality, and faith intersects with business acumen. "And God Creates the Business First" by Amir Kahani, Ph.D., is more than just a book; it's a revolutionary perspective that challenges the status quo of business practices.
Redefining Business Success
In an era where profit often overshadows purpose, I invite you to explore a world where business success is measured not just in numbers but in positive societal impact.

Those books are a call to action for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers who believe in creating a legacy that transcends traditional metrics.
"Inspire businesses to create impactful solutions for a better and sustainable future for improving business profit"  This is my purpose!

I am Dr. Amir Kahani, a seasoned founder and CEO, holding a Ph.D. in Economics and boasting over 15 years of illustrious consulting experience.

My journey Driven by a commitment to ethical business practices. I strive for global market growth through pioneering strategies for business excellence.

My career story combines entrepreneurial success and innovative business consulting. Over the last decade, I have forged strong partnerships with global consulting groups, developing innovative business methods and models that have demonstrated remarkable international success. At the core of my approach is a blend of ethical leadership, sales, marketing, and business development skills, which I utilize to architect and execute business strategies. 

 My philosophy blends economic principles with business acumen to create profitable and sustainable models that benefit society well-being.